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External Resource Collection​

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RX Information​

Aaron Cake

Aaron Cake has been around a long time and has always put together great guides for helping the community. The most well known being the “How to Megasquirt your 2nd Gen RX-7”. Owned and operated by Aaron Cake.

FC3S Pro

FC3S Pro is centered around the 2nd Generation RX-7. It features a ton of technical information, how-tos, and miscellaneous information. It’s a little outdated by current standards, but still a good resource. is centered around the 3rd Generation RX-7. It features a lot of good technical information and how-tos, among other things. It’s a little outdated by current standards, but still a good resource.


Foxed is most famously known for containing all of the RX related FSMs, Wiring Diagrams, and Parts Fiche. While we are trying to rescan a lot of the documents as well this is still an extremely good resource in the meantime. Owned and operated by Thayer Fox.

No Pistons

Like RX7 Club, has been around awhile. It has a much smaller content base than RX7 Club, but is still a good source of finding information. Currently owned by Internet Brands.

No Rotors

No Rotors is a forum based website dedicated to RX chassis utilizing swapped engines. It's been around since 2010 and has a lot of good information if you are willing to look for it.

Regan Rotary Racing

Regan Rotary Racing is centered around the 3rd Generation RX-7 and built around the personal experience of the site owner. The site features informative articles, how-tos, and external links. It’s a little outdated by current website standards, but still a good resource. Owned and operated by Chris Regan.

Robinette Archive

A sub-site of and geared towards the 3rd Generation RX-7, Rob has poured a ton of information into this subsection featuring a plethora of informative articles such as, reliability modifications, brakes, cooling and more. He’s also created a ton of how-tos. Created by Rob Robinette.

RX7 Club

RX7 Club has been around a loooong time. Over time the website has collected a trove of information strewn across thousands of threads. It may take a bit to find the information you are looking for, but good chances are it’s there. Currently owned by Internet Brands. hosts a ton of technical information on all of the generations of the RX-7. Most of the information is in the form of old school email groups, but the information is still valuable.

Rotary Specific Parts Vendors​

Atkins Rotary

Atkins Rotary has been providing to the RX community for ages. They carry a ton of OE parts, rebuild parts and assembly tools, and self-produced and developed parts for rotary engines.

Banzai Racing

Banzai Racing provides quality self-developed parts as well as common modification items for all RX chassis.


Bubbletech is a niche parts developer and producer for the 2nd and 3rd Generation RX-7. Produces better versions of current NLA parts as well as some new products.

Full Function Engineering

Full Function Engineering was made famous for their Fuel Rails and kits. FFE provides Fuel Rails and Fuel parts for the RX 13b engine; in addition to trigger kits and more.

Garage Alpha

Garage Alpha is a niche parts developer and provider for primarily the RX-7 related chassis. They have a ton of not often thought about parts that are nice to have.

IR Performance

IR Performance provides quality self-developed parts and kits as well as common modification items for all RX chassis.

JDL Manufacturing

JDL Manufacturing produces quality billet aluminum products for the RX line of chassis.

JP3 Motorsports

JP3 Motorsports is a nice parts developer and provider for primarily the RX-7 related chassis. With a function and form approach JP3 focuses on producing quality parts that make the owner's lives easier and increase the aesthetic of the owner’s vehicle.

LRB Speed

LRB Speed provides self-developed and produced aluminum based products for all RX chassis. Some items include underbody panels, aluminum variants of commonly broken plastic parts, and close to full aluminum interior pieces.


Mazdatrix has been providing to the RX community for ages. They carry a ton of OE parts, rebuild parts and assembly tools.


Mazmart carries a ton of OE parts and rebuild parts.

Racing Beat

Racing Beat has been around for an extremely long time and produces and self develops RX related performance parts for all the RX chassis. contains quite a few RX related items. They, most notably, offer the entire OEM 99-spec kit for the 3rd Generation RX-7.

Sakebomb Garage

Sakebomb Garage is a niche parts developer and provider for primarily the 3rd Generation RX-7. They develop and sell such things as fire extinguisher mounts, brackets, and are a well-known reseller of Ohlin Coilovers.

Shine Auto

Shine develops and re-produces quality body kits for the 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation RX-7.

Turblown / Turbosource

Turblown / Turbosource specializes in turbo manifolds for the FC & FD chassis. They also sell turbochargers, heat shields, ECUs, injectors, and more.

Common Places to Purchase Universal Parts​


Amayama is a great resource for sourcing OEM parts from the rest of the world. If a part is NLA here in the US, it might not be over in Japan.

Clips and Fasteners

Clips and Fasteners is a great place for procuring all the random clips and weird sized bolts the RX family has.

Corsa Technic

Corsa Technic carries a ton of re-produced electrical connectors that the RX family utilizes. It’s a bit of a pain to find the one you are looking for, but Corsa Technic probably has it.


Injector-Rehab is a long standing specialist in injector products, injector cleaning, and flow testing. They are also the original creator of the KGParts Products, which humbly began with the creation of rotary engine fuel rails.


McMaster-Carr has about everything, and in bulk. Flange bolts, flange nuts, wiring, sheathing, you name it. McMaster Carr has it. Generally better to buy in bulk from here than buying a smaller count from other places.


RockAuto is a great place to find aftermarket "OEM" like parts for your cars. They carry brands such as Dayco, Centric, Airtex, and Cardone.

Silicon Intakes

Silicon Intakes specializes in couplers, piping, silicon tubing and a myriad of other similar items.

Summit / Jegs

Summit and Jeggs both carry about everything. Good location to find the high quality automotive related thing you need. They carry AN lines, fittings, tools, and a ton more.

Tasca Parts / Quirk Parts

Tasca Parts and Quirk Parts are a good place to check for OEM related parts. Sometimes they are even cheaper than a dealer and if they aren’t able to source it you get a quick refund.

Boost Controller

Boost Controller is a quality alternative source to purchase couplers, silicon tubing, and silicone coolant hoses.

Wire Care

Wire Care specializes in high quality wiring supplies. Deutsch connectors, Raychem sheathing, shrinkflex tubing, techflex sheathing and much more.

Yahoo Auction Japan

Yahoo Auction Japan is a great place to search for RX Related items. Since Japan was the originating location of the car parts are easier to find. Finding the rare parts becomes a bit easier utilizing YAJ. If you do not have a contact in Japan you will need to utilize a middle-man service such as: Buyee, ZenMarket, or De-Japan.
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