3rd Gen Removing the Thermowax From Your FD3S Throttle Body

Removing the Thermowax From Your FD3S Throttle Body​

Time Investment: ~45 minutes
Difficulty: Low (Medium if screw heads strip)

Phillips #2 Screwdriver (JIS +2 preferred)
Straight Pick, or Snap Ring Pliers, or a Flathead Screwdriver
12mm Socket

  • For this guide it is assumed that you have removed the throttle body off the car already
  • An electric impact driver with a Phillips #2 helps with removing screws that won't budge
  • If you strip a screw some heavy duty pliers may still enable it to be removed (I use Knipex)
  • I recommend changing the screws you remove out to Hex Socket Button Head M5's

1. Remove the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) from the Throttle Body with a screwdriver.

2. Remove the primary Thermowax component from the Throttle Body with a screwdriver.

3. Remove the TPS Housing by removing the two screws with your screw driver and the M8 nut with your Ratchet and 12mm Socket.

4. Remove the Snap Ring by prying up with a Straight Pick or a Flathead Screwdriver.

5. Remove the thin Spring Arm by prying it out and under the Metal Bracket with a Straight Pick then remove the spring assembly.

6. Reassemble the TPS Housing and TPS Sensor (The TPS Sensor will need re-adjusted when on the car).

7. Before you re-install the Throttle Body make sure you re-locate the Coolant Line that was going to the Throttle Body to the hard line on the Rats Nest Assembly.
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