Announcement How To & Guide Template - MUST USE


One of the things that sets RX7 Central's guide section apart from the rest is the consistency across the guides.

Guides must include quality pictures (Insert as full size and then click on the image -> change image size width to 500).
Abbreviations should be spelled out at least once at the earliest mention.
A text/picture based guide is required at a minimum, but you can also include a video guide as well (contact @Akomix for video hosting).
No guide is ever completely finished. They can all be updated to reflect current information and correct errors by either the original poster or a Mod/Admin.

If you would like to post a guide, please do so following the below template. Here is a link to a finished guide.

Title (Use Heading 2)​

Time Investment: ~time in minutes or hours
Difficulty: Low, Medium, High

(Insert the tools required to complete the job)

(Insert relevant information users should know before starting)

(Insert the steps to complete the guide)

Video Guide:
(Video will be inserted here if applicable)
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