3rd Gen Halfspec S2000 Antenna Adapter Install

Halfspec S2000 Antenna Adapter Install​

Time Investment: ~1 hour
Difficulty: Low

Tools Used:
10mm Socket
#1 Phillips Screwdriver or #1 JIS Screwdriver
Small flat head or Snap Ring Pliers


1. From the outside, unscrew the captive hat/nut using a flathead or snap ring pliers if its too tight to un screw by hand

2. Also remove the grommet

The antenna should look like this now

3. Now move inside the car and take off the passenger side hatch access panel and remove all the tools.

4. Look inside the access panel and find the nut that bolts the antenna to the body. Work your arm and ratchet inside to loosen and remove it.
Be careful as the antenna is loose at this point , it shouldn't fall out due to the stud still being in the slit but if handled roughly the antenna could fall into the quarter panel.

5. With the nut removed you can reach in and push the antenna assembly down so it retracts into the body and then pull it out of the hatch access panel.

6. You will need to disconnect the wiring to control the retracting mast in order to get the assembly out as well as the antenna signal wire.
NOTE - The retracting wiring will not be reconnected since the mast will no longer be extending

7. Unscrew the 5 screws holding the cover on and remove it.

8. Once the cover is off, pull the telescoping antenna completely out of the support mast. You can remove the gear cover to make it a bit easier.
(arrow pointing to gear cover)

9. With the antenna removed, replace the lid and gear cover (if removed).

10. This is what you should be left with, the antenna outlet is stripped down where the adapter can slide it.

11. Now slide the Halfspec adapter in, you will feel some resistance. If you can not press it in by hand you can use a block of wood or gently tap with a rubber mallet to press it all the way in.

12. You want to press the adapter down this far before you’re done

13. Now set your grommet and captive hat besides the antenna hole to make reinstallation easy.

14. Move back inside the car and reconnect the antenna signal wire

15. Maneuver the assembly back through the hatch access panel then poke the mast through the body. Once the mast pokes through, grab the grommet and captive nut and loosely screw then on the assembly. Push the stud through the slit in the body before re-installing and tightening the captive nut.

16. Screw in your S2000 antenna and enjoy.