2nd Gen Changing the Transmission Fluid in Your FC3S and FD3S

Changing the Transmission Fluid in Your FC3S and FD3S​

Time Investment: ~45 minutes
Difficulty: Low

Tools Used:
Crescent Wrench
24mm Socket
Drain Pan
Fluid Pump
Teflon Tape
2.6L, 2.6 qt of SAE 90 GL-4

  • For this guide it is implied that you already have the car in the air and on Jack Stands
  • It is assumed you also have a Manual Transmission
  • It is also assumed that you have removed required transmission shields
  • Always remove the fill plug first, if you drain first and you can't remove the fill plug you are in trouble
  • I use Redline MT-90 for the Transmission Fluid

1. Remove the Fill Plug (Remove the Inspection Plug as well if on the FC) with the Crescent Wrench
PXL_20210227_181245878 - Copy.jpg
PXL_20210227_214642251 - Copy.jpg

2. Remove both drain plugs (one at a time) and drain the fluid into the Drain Pan using a Crescent Wrench and the 24mm Socket/Wrench

3. Wrap the Crescent style Drain Plugs in Teflon Tape and reinstall them. Tighten the 24mm Drain Plug so that it will not leak

4. Pump the Transmission Fluid in through the fill hole until it seeps out of the same fill hole on the FD. For the FC, pump the Transmission Fluid in through the fill hole until it comes out of the Inspection Hole.
PXL_20210227_181245878 - Copy.jpg
PXL_20210227_214642251 - Copy.jpg

5. Reinstall Fill/Inspection Plugs and wipe off excess oil
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