2nd Gen Changing the Differential Fluid in Your FC3S and FD3S

Changing the Differential Fluid in Your FC3S and FD3S​

Time Investment: ~30 minutes
Difficulty: Low

Tools Used:
23mm, 24mm Socket
Drain Pan
Fluid Pump
1.3L, 1.4 qt of 75w-90 GL-5

  • For this guide it is implied that you already have the car in the air and on Jack Stands
  • Always remove the fill plug first, if you drain first and you can't remove the fill plug you are in trouble
  • I use Redline 75w-90 for the Differential Fluid
1. Remove the Fill Plug with the 23mm Socket
PXL_20210227_185930467 - Copy.jpg
PXL_20210227_222423675 - Copy.jpg

2. Remove the Drain Plug with a 24mm Socket and drain the fluid into the Drain Pan.

3. Re-Install the Drain Plug and pump the Differential Fluid in through the fill hole until it seeps out of the same fill hole.
PXL_20210227_185930467 - Copy.jpg
PXL_20210227_222423675 - Copy.jpg

4. Re-Install the Fill Plugs and wipe off excess oil.