3rd Gen Banzai Racing Transmission Crossmember Install

Banzai Racing Transmission Crossmember Install​

Time Investment: ~1 Hour and 30 Minutes
Difficulty: Low

Tools Used:
10mm, 12mm, 21mm Socket
5/8, 11/16 SAE Socket
Socket Extension
(10mm Socket, not pictured, but required)

  • For this guide it is implied that you already have the car in the air and on Jack Stands
  • While not necessary, it is MUCH more convenient if you drop the catalytic converter section of your exhaust
  • My Transmission Crossmember came partially put together, if yours did not you will utilize the 11/16 SAE Socket
  • An Impact is useful in removing the PPF Nuts, but not required
  • If you still have the OEM Split Air Pipe minor modifications will need to be made to the mounting tab

1. Remove the Transmission Splash Shield with a 10mm Socket/Ratchet

2. Remove the Transmission Tunnel Brace with a 12mm Socket/Ratchet

3. Remove the PPF Nuts with a 21mm Socket/Ratchet

4. Install the upper portion of the Crossmember bracket as pictured below with the PPF Nuts (do not tighten the nuts)

5. Install the Cross Member portion of the bracket with the original 12mm bolts and the supplied 7/16 bolts (do not tighten the bolts)

6. Tighten the bolts in the following order: 12mm bolts, 7/16 Bolts, 21mm Nuts

7. Re-install the Transmission Splash Shield
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