3rd Gen 3rd Generation Specifications & Information

3rd Generation Specifications & Information


The third generation RX-7, FD (chassis code FD3S for Japan and JM1FD for the North America), featured an updated body design. The 13B-REW was the first-ever mass-produced sequential twin-turbocharger system to be exported from Japan, boosting power to 255 PS (188 kW; 252 hp) in 1993 and finally 280 PS (206 kW; 276 hp) by the time production ended in Japan in 2002. The chief designer was Yoichi Sato (佐藤 洋一, Satō Yōichi). Another key designer was Wu-huang Chin (秦無荒), a Taiwanese automotive artist who also worked on the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

The Series 6 (1992–1995) was exported throughout the world and had the highest sales. In Japan, Mazda sold the RX-7 through its ɛ̃fini brand as the ɛ̃fini RX-7. Models in Japan included the Type S, the base model, Type R, the lightweight sports model, Type RZ, Type RB, A-spec and the Touring X.

The Series 7 (produced from 1996–1998) included minor changes to the car. Updates included a simplified vacuum routing manifold and a 16-bit ECU which combined with an improved intake system netted an extra 10 PS (7 kW). This additional horsepower was only available on manual transmission cars as the increase in power was only seen above 7,000 rpm, which was the redline for automatic transmission equipped cars. The rear spoiler and tail lights were also redesigned. The Type RZ model was now equipped with larger brake rotors as well as 17 inch BBS wheels. In Japan, the Series 7 RX-7 was marketed under the Mazda and ɛ̃fini brand name.

The Series 8 (produced from 1998–2002) was the final series, and was only available in the Japanese market. More efficient turbochargers were available on certain models, while improved intercooling and radiator cooling was made possible by a redesigned front fascia with larger openings. The seats, steering wheel, and instrument cluster were all changed. The rear spoiler was modified and gained adjustability on certain models.

Car Specifications​

Production: 1992-2002
Production Count: 68,589
Engine: 13B-REW
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual | 4-Speed Automatic
Wheelbase: 2,446 mm (96.3 in)
Length: 4,285 mm (168.7 in)
Width: 1,760 mm (69.3 in)
Height: 1,230 mm (48.4 in)
Weight: 1218-1340 kg (2,685-2,954 lb)

Paint Codes​

Color NameCode
Competition Yellow Mica (R1)J9
Montego Blue MetallicM8/2A
Vintage RedNU/NT
Brilliant BlackPZ/PX
Silver Stone Metallic3L/4G
Crystal WhiteUC

2A, NT, PX, & 4G were used in early 1993 models and resulted in a High Reflection paint.

Color NameCode
Chaste WhitePT
Montego Blue MetallicM8
Vintage RedNU
Brilliant BlackPZ
Silver Stone Metallic3L
Sunburst YellowHZ
Snow White Mica (only one)N6

Color NameCode
Brilliant BlackPZ
Vintage Red IINT
Chaste WhitePT
Innocent Blue Mica20P
Highlight Silver Metallic18G
Pure WhiteA3D
Sunlight Silver Metallic (2002 Type R Bathurst)22V
Sunburst Yellow (2001 Bathurst R)HZ
Snow White Mica (2001 RZ)N6
Titanium Gray Metallic (2002 Spirit R)25G

Maintenance & Fluid Information

Engine Oil
3.5L, 3.7qt - 20w50w Motor Oil (Non Synthetic)

Manual: 2.5L, 2.6qt - GL-4/GL-5 (SAE 90)
Automatic: 8.6L, 9.1qt - Dexron II/Dexron III

1.3L, 1.4qt - GL-5 (SAE 90)

Cooling System
8.7L, 9.2qt - Ethylene Glycol/Distilled Water

Power Steering
Dexron II/Dexron III

Brake & Clutch System

Fuel Tank
76L, 20gal
Premix - 1oz/gal
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