2nd Gen 2nd Generation Specifications & Information

2nd Generation Specifications & Information​



The second generation of the RX-7 ("FC", VIN begins JM1FC3 or JMZFC1), still known as the Mazda Savanna RX-7 in Japan, featured a complete restyling which was reminiscent of the Porsche 924 and 944. Mazda's stylists, led by Chief Project Engineer Akio Uchiyama (内山 昭朗), focused on the Porsche 924 for their inspiration in designing the FC because the new car was being designed primarily for the American market, where the majority of first-generation of the RX-7 models had been sold.

The Series 4 (produced from 1986–1988) was available with a naturally aspirated, fuel injected 13B-VDEI producing 148 PS (109 kW) in North American spec. An optional turbocharged model, known as the Turbo II in the American market, was rated at 182 hp (136 kW).

The Series 5 (1989–1992) featured updated styling and better engine management, as well as lighter rotors and a higher compression ratio 9.7:1 for the naturally aspirated model, and 9.0:1 for the turbo model.

Car Specifications​

Production: 1985-1988 (S4) | 1989-1992 (S5)
Production Count: 272,027
Engine: 13B-VDEI (S4) | 13B-DEI (S5) | 13B-T (Turbo II)
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual | 4-Speed Automatic
Wheelbase: 2,431mm (95.7 in)
Length: 4,290 mm (168.9 in) S4 | 4,315 mm (169.9 in) S5
Width: 1,689 mm (66.5 in)
Height: 1,265 mm (49.8 in)
Weight: 1223-1584 kg (2696-3,492 lb)

Paint Codes​

Color NameCode
Sunrise RedRH
Noble WhiteWY
Crystal White (10th AE)UC
Sapphire Blue Metallic5A
Arctic Silver MetallicJ5
Tornado Silver MetallicK8
Satin Gold Metallic1A
Pure RedNP
Dover WhiteWU
Brilliant Black (T2)PZ
Royal Maroon Metallic3A
Claret Mica2H


Color NameCode
Brilliant BlackPZ
Blaze RedSQ
Noble WhiteWY
Crystal WhiteUC
Sonic Blue (T2)SN
Harbor Blue Metallic5D
Brave Blue Mica (NA Non-Vert)5N
Champagne Silver Mica4F
Silver Stone Metallic3L
Winning Silver Metallic (GXL)1F
Shadow Silver Metallic3G
Mellow Burgundy Mica6H
California Red Mica (T2)2N
Shade Green (Infini III/IV)GU
Nobile Green Mica (Infini IV)VQ

Maintenance & Fluid Information

Engine Oil
5.8L, 6.1qt - 20w50w Motor Oil (Non Synthetic)

Turbo: 2.5L, 2.6qt - GL-4/GL-5 (SAE 90)
NA: 2L, 2.1qt - GL-4/GL-5 (SAE 90)
Automatic: 7.5L, 7.9qt - Dexron II/Dexron III

Open: 1.3L, 1.4qt - GL-5 (SAE 90)
Limited Slip: 1.3L, 1.4qt - GL-5 (SAE 90)

Cooling System
8,7L, 9.2qt - Ethylene Glycol/Distilled Water

Power Steering
Dexron II/Dexron III

Brake & Clutch System

Fuel Tank
- 16.6 gal
S5 - 18.5 gal
Premix - 1oz/gal
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