1st Gen 1st Generation Specifications & Information

1st Generation Specifications & Information​



The series 1 (produced from 1978–1980) is commonly referred to as the "SA22C" from the first alphanumeric of the vehicle identification number. In Japan it was introduced in March 1978, replacing the Savanna RX-3, and joined Mazda's only other remaining rotary engine-powered products, called the Cosmo which was a two-door luxury coupé, and the Luce luxury sedan. The lead designer at Mazda was Matasaburo Maeda (前田 又三郎, Maeda Matasaburō), whose son, Ikuo, would go on to design the Mazda2 and the RX-7's successor, the RX-8.

The Series 2, referred to as the FB (produced from 1981–1983), had integrated plastic-covered bumpers, wide black rubber body side moldings, wraparound taillights and updated engine control components. This revision of the SA22 was known in North America as the "FB" after the US Department of Transportation mandated 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number changeover.

The Series 3 (produced 1984–1985) featured an updated lower front fascia. North American models received a different instrument cluster. GSL package was continued into this series, but Mazda introduced the GSL-SE sub-model.

Car Specifications​

Production: 1978-1980 (Series 1 - SA) | 1981-1983 (Series 2 - FB) | 1984-1985 (Series 3 - FB)
Production Count: 471,018
Engine: 12A, 12A-T, 13B-RESI
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual | 3-Speed Automatic | 5-Speed Manual | 4-Speed Automatic
Wheelbase: 2,420mm (95.3 in)
Length: 4,285 mm (168.7 in)
Width: 1,675 mm (65.9 in)
Height: 1,260 mm (49.6 in)
Weight: 1043-1134 kg (2,300-2,500 lb)

Paint Codes​

Color NameCode
Clair OrangeOC
Sunrise RedRH
Aurora WhiteWN
Impulse BlueAY
Brilliant BlackPZ
Spark YellowYU
Mach Green MetallicG4
Renaissance Red Metallic (10th AE)R3
Indy Maroon MetallicY6
Sonic Bronze Metallic (1979)Y5
Radiant Copper MetallicY9
Marine Blue MetallicA7
Daytona Blue MetallicA9
Stardust Blue MetallicU2
Concord Silver MetallicD6
Sunbeam Silver MetallicK3
Tornado Silver MetallicK8
Imperial Gold MetallicM3
Solar Gold MetallicM4
Beat Black MetallicE6

Color NameCode
Brilliant BlackPZ
Space YellowYW
Sunrise RedRH
Aurora WhiteWN
Formula WhiteWT
Stardust Blue MetallicU2
Misty Blue MetallicU6
Renaissance Red MetallicR3
Maya Gold MetallicM5
Havana Brown MetallicT5
Sunbeam Silver MetallicK3
Chateau Silver Metallic (Limited Edition)S3
Tornado Silver MetallicK8
Sparkling Black MetallicH1

Color NameCode
Sunrise RedRH
Formula WhiteWT
Sydney Blue (1984)DP
Orient Yellow (1984)TC
Light BeigeVG
Dover WhiteWU
Tender Blue MetallicV3
Canal Blue MetallicV4
Rhyl Blue MetallicL6
Havana Brown MetallicT5
New Trad Brown MetallicT9
Sparkling Black MetallicH1
Sophia Red MetallicP5
Persimmon Red Metallic (1984)R7
Opal Green MetallicW1
Sunbeam Silver MetallicK3
Advan Silver MetallicS6
Sound Silver MetallicS7
Custom Silver MetallicV9
Tornado Silver MetallicK8

Maintenance & Fluid Information

Engine Oil
12A: 4.6L, 4.9qt - 20w50w Motor Oil (Non Synthetic)
13B: 5.6L, 5.8qt - 20w50w Motor Oil (Non Synthetic)

Manual: 2L, 2.1qt - GL-5 (SAE 90)
Automatic: 7.5L, 7.9qt - M2C33F (Type F)

Open: 1.2L, 1.3qt - GL-5 (SAE 90)
Limited Slip: 1.6L, 1.7qt - GL-5 (SAE 90)

Cooling System
9.5L, 10qt - Ethylene Glycol/Distilled Water

Power Steering
M2C33F (Type F)

Brake & Clutch System

Fuel Tank
1979-1980: 55L, 14.5 gal
1981-1985: 63L, 16.4 gal
Premix - 1oz/gal
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